Hi, my name is Petra  and I'm a photographer born in 1989, originally from Finland but currently living in Iceland. I specialize in creative portraiture and fashion photography, and also horse photography. 

In August of 2019 I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams and moved to Iceland permanently - a country that has been so dear to me ever since I was a child and that has totally stolen my heart during my countless adventures. Iceland truly feels like home and I'm so happy to get to live in this beautiful and inspiring environment. For me this is the perfect place to work and create!

I studied photography at the highly respected Institute of Design at Lahti University of Applied Sciences. I've been running my own photography business since 2013 and I've worked with many of the biggest companies and advertisement agencies in Finland. 

I create photographs that are strong, esthetic and timeless. I use a lot of colors and soft light to create the recognizable atmosphere in my work. I love to use natural light and always go with that option if possible, but as the winters here in the Northern countries are very dark it's also necessary to get creative with artificial light and flashes every now and then. 

Besides photography I love animals. I spend a big part of my time around horses and dogs. I'm lucky to get to ride and train some really good horses as I have the most perfect side job with training horses. I also have a dog, a medium sized poodle named Olga, who moved with me all the way from Finland and she enjoys her new life in Iceland to the fullest! I specialize in horse photography and you can read more about that at www.hestafoto.com.

Currently I work mainly all around Iceland and in Southern Finland, but I'm available for commissions all over the world. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of high quality photography of any kind and you are looking for an experienced and fun photographer to work with. I'm open for all kind of commissions - both big and small, so let's plan an amazing photoshoot together!

Selected clients and partners

Me and Styrkur frá Kjarri. 

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